Cubash: New Website Suggestion Megathread

Started by Icseon, 2 weeks ago

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Posted on: Sep 13 2020 06:33:30 PM

Good idea. I've been thinking of also adding a feature where the price is being compared and checked, so that the creator can't change the price while someone is buying an item to prevent scams.

I was namely talking about this: How would the "special" items be named? What exactly would change? Your idea is good, I'll think more about it.

Custom fonts sound like a good idea on the surface but when you think about it, could become a nasty mess. I'm not saying it's not a good idea, but we would have to consider it more.

I'm not sure you realize this but this is a needed feature. Have you seen the amounts of spam we've had to deal with? Sure, this won't stop human spammers from doing their thing, but it surely slows them down. In addition to that, we have completely patched bots from ever becoming a thing.

@benny and @Ellina
We would like to create groups, but I believe they will be called guilds instead. They will be available to everyone (and not just premium users) and will probably cost around 500 to 700 cubes, and you can only create 1 group a day.

That's a good idea, but will only work on hats/other Cubash-created items and you can only delete an item if you have bought it in the last 48 hours to prevent someone from going over their inventory in the future just to get rid of all their items to get their cubes back.

It is not in our interest to sell virtual currency for real-life currency. This could ruin the economy we wish to shape. Maybe this will change later, but we would impose limits.


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Posted on: Sep 13 2020 06:34:06 PM

games seem like a good idea


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Posted on: Sep 13 2020 06:34:12 PM

CAn we keep current user profiles because i like them, but put the desctiption more to the left and show their previous forums posts next to it


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Posted on: Sep 13 2020 06:34:34 PM

Limited Selection on Avatar Editor
Not sure if this counts, I'll suggest it anyway. If limiteds are ever added to cubash, maybe the <select> element on the bottom of the avatar editor there could be a limited selection (shows all limiteds for that category hats, tools, faces, etc)

Limiteds Section on Avatar Editor
And maybe a whole new section (like hats, faces, tools, shirts, pants, colors, gender, and outfits) there could be a limited one that will show all of your limiteds (once again, ofc it'd only happen if limiteds were to be added)

Post Preview
When you're making a new reply or post, by "Submit Post" or "Submit Reply" button there would be a button to preview the post or reply before it's published (would send you to a new tab with the exact same post just with your comment displayed, but others won't see it till you click "Submit Post" or "Submit Reply" on the create post or reply page.)
could be helpful for people who like using BBCode tags but I fee like this won't be added, just a suggestion

Also just wondering, when do you think the new site will be nearing completion?

(I can send screenshot if u don't understand what I mean, I'm even getting confused writing this)



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Posted on: Sep 13 2020 06:35:19 PM

I want a more fast and functional website, a 3D rotation to avatars would be an amazing feature that would make Cubash stand out. Also, the site at the moment is a bit repetitious. If trading gets added a lot of new players would come and the economy would get much better. These are all for know, ill add if I find some other features useful.


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Posted on: Sep 13 2020 06:36:22 PM

it would have a logo next to it that indicates its a special and the font/text color would be any color you like other than white


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Posted on: Sep 13 2020 06:36:35 PM

more categories in general and other and maybe merge updates and announcements


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Posted on: Sep 13 2020 06:36:44 PM

Add beta or alpha games to release so users can preview the upcoming game things


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Posted on: Sep 13 2020 06:37:07 PM

I absolutely didn't make a post like this asking for suggestions...
Make the users page work (I know you're working on it, but it's important)
Add a confirmation modal (example: Are you sure you want to [action here])


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Posted on: Sep 13 2020 06:37:46 PM

I agree with him @Isceon