Cubash: New Website Suggestion Megathread

Started by Icseon, 1 month ago

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Posted on: Oct 09 2020 07:26:02 AM

@Criticism Good joke



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lock when


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Give me a letter


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Posted on: Oct 13 2020 01:34:40 AM

Just hear me out:

What if devs could set a timer before their game releases (like a week before you can play it) and while the game is unplayable, players can invest cubes in it. After the game is open and playable, you can no longer invest in it. The more players the game gets, the more valuable you investment gets. You can then sell your investment for the cubes it is worth.


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Posted on: Oct 13 2020 04:44:58 AM

I want you to add trading, since game haven't been release yet we haven't much thing to do on Cubash. It's kinda boring in my opinion, sometime I came back to Cubash to check thing out but there's not really much thing to check out. I want there will be some sort of entertainment while game havent been release yet, and some sort of economy too. Please consider adding trading!