Cubash: New Website Suggestion Megathread

Started by Icseon, 1 month ago

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Posted on: Oct 04 2020 04:52:50 PM

i have been gone for 25 days and i only got 20 cubes


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Posted on: Oct 04 2020 09:41:59 PM

well you get cubes depending you were online yesterday i think because i was supposed to get 4 k cubes but i only got 2 k


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Posted on: Oct 05 2020 01:47:52 AM

Bring back user of the month.


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Posted on: Oct 05 2020 05:12:54 PM

Add item sorts (newest first, oldest first, etc.).
That way some items will be easier to find!


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Posted on: Oct 06 2020 04:03:50 PM

i have 1,097 cubes


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Posted on: Oct 07 2020 04:03:15 PM



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Posted on: Oct 07 2020 06:09:10 PM

357 cubes bad flex at 3am Ali a came to my house and I died


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Posted on: Oct 07 2020 09:50:26 PM

add new color font commands. And maybe give premium user a rainbow font that only they can use. Once their premium is gone they cant use that font. You should add fonts like green, purple, brown, orange, etc


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Posted on: Oct 07 2020 11:46:22 PM

I agree with him their other than that I think I'm out of ideas.


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Posted on: Oct 08 2020 01:46:25 AM

Maybe add a refund option for items you bought because if someone were to accidentally buy a item in the Store, they could refund it full price to get their Cubes back.