Tips on securing your Cubash account.

Started by Troplo, 3 months ago

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Posted on: Jul 24 2020 08:40:24 AM

Hello, I've noticed recently a large number of Cubash accounts getting breached, this is generally caused by bad security practises like using the same password for everything

- Enable Two Step Verification, also known as 2FA, 2 Factor Authentication
Enabling 2FA on Cubash is easy, just head over to, Enter your password to get to the next step, and then you should see a QR code, and a private key NEVER SHARE THE QR CODE, OR PRIVATE KEY TO ANYONE!
Download the Authy application, either on your computer, or mobile device (Android and iOS are supported), Register to the Authy service with your phone number, once you've registered, you can click the + button in the top right corner, and enter that private key, alternatively you can scan the QR code if you're using a mobile device. You should be able to customize the name and icon on the next screen, then get the one-time temporary code that expires every 30 seconds which you can enter into Cubash, once the temporary code has been entered into Cubash, 2FA has successfully been enabled, you can a generated 6 digit code every time you login, even if its an inconvenience, its definitely improving your account's security.

- Use a more secure password
Now this is another great tip especially if you're not using 2FA, I highly recommend using a password manager like BitWarden, LastPass, 1Password or Dashlane, all these are great options for storing randomly generated passwords so you only need to remember 1 secure password which allows access to all your passwords, while I'm not going to show any steps registering to the third party password managers, they're fairly straight forward, if you're looking for a self hosted solution, BitWarden is a great choice, although you probably won't be doing that, I highly recommend passwords that have a lot of symbols, letters and numbers, and are not commonly used words.

Hope this helped.
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