What to do if you have found a website that is copying Cubash.

Started by Troplo, 6 months ago

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Posted on: Apr 14 2020 11:10:57 AM

@Streety, we aren't gonna stop you from registering, or really stop you from doing anything, the post is just general advise, and recommendations. However, some of the content in the post is still a rule of Cubash, such as the account sharing section.


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Posted on: Apr 15 2020 04:23:33 PM

inb4 lock


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Posted on: Apr 15 2020 10:58:50 PM

What if one of the people in this website make a Cubash copy?


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Posted on: Apr 15 2020 11:07:54 PM

I don't think anybody is going to copy cubash I think cubash is the copy.


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Posted on: Apr 16 2020 02:08:37 AM

The only thing you can really copy from cubash is that the client is in development, which if there is a cubash copy, its probably not going to have a client.


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Posted on: Apr 16 2020 11:04:52 PM

I believe those are good statements


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Posted on: Apr 16 2020 11:06:14 PM

Just in case Cubash gets really popular overnight.


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Posted on: Apr 18 2020 11:14:44 PM

i think roblox is copying cubash


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Posted on: Apr 19 2020 01:54:12 AM

Nothing cause this is a roblox copy


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Posted on: Apr 19 2020 01:58:45 AM

cubash is kinda copying roblox... but cubash is still good as it is! just add games