Cubashian Made Viruses you should be afraid of p1

Started by FortsV2, 8 months ago

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Posted on: Oct 21 2019 04:06:25 AM

Hello, cubash! My name is forts and we are testing cubashian made viruses

The First Virus is made by executive named:

a n g e r

anger causes all your files to be held for hundreds of cubes!
Beware Noobs! You can pay cubes or do the executive mustache game bossfight on muchó hotness mode and get 100k points and you will get all your files back.


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Posted on: Oct 21 2019 04:41:35 AM

Thats like the TouHou Project virus that encrypt all ur files?


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Posted on: Oct 21 2019 04:53:42 AM

@Player01 I was thinking the same