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Started by Icseon, 10 months ago

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We have been remaking our game codebase in the C++ language over GDScript. Our reasoning for switching languages is simple, GDScript may be easier for some stages, but it is very limiting as to what we can do.

For example, sending HTTP requests has to be done through a blocking method that puts the entire game to a halt while the client is obtaining data from the server. With C++, we can simply utilize libcurl and use its asynchronous methods to obtain data without introducing any kind of lag in the process.

The same is true for scripting, there is no Lua implementation for GDScript, but there is definitely one for C++.

The reason why it's taking so long is because we are just making the correct decisions. We do not want to release a game that is hard to maintain and end up making a whole new client (as some other sites have done). We want to be able to scale, maintain and do much more than we were originally going for with our GDScript game implementation.


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Icseon why did you delete the tweets?


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thanks for the info icseon


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I love how you post about what is behind the senses most sites no longer do that thank you Icseon for the update.


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Wow, that's cool.