Final Goodbye.

Started by cubebuilder, 3 months ago

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Posted on: Apr 15 2019 11:17:06 PM

Like I said in my previous posts.
I am no longer able to be on the internet or Discord anymore because of a bunch of issues I'm currently having. I am going to work on a project without using Discord and it require to me not be active anymore.

My life is super busy everyday.
My parents have problems and we are also having many financial issues. I hope everything goes right.

I will no longer be active on Cubash, Discord or any other platforms I am active on.
My life is more important and I need to help my family and others.
Thank you and I hope you all understand this will be my final message.
there is a small chance of me coming back but i doubt this will happen
And to Icseon Good luck with this :D


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Posted on: Apr 15 2019 11:18:34 PM

I wish I could compare this to how salty you were to when you got banned on cubash and on the discord server. lol


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Posted on: Apr 15 2019 11:19:38 PM

See you tomorrow!


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Posted on: Apr 15 2019 11:23:42 PM

@Kaleb stfu lkid you said you were gonna leave 2384928349 times but you never leave
this is serious


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Posted on: Apr 15 2019 11:24:24 PM

hello darkness



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Posted on: Apr 15 2019 11:27:17 PM

ok bye then


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Posted on: Apr 16 2019 01:38:49 AM

Kaleb, cubebuilder has a point.